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Januar 2022 Juristische Nachrichten

+ Ein unangemessen hoher Preis ist kein Grund, den Vorsteuerabzug zu verweigern
+ Verantwortung des Webmasters für die Annahme von Maßnahmen zum Schutz personenbezogener Daten auf den von ihm verwalteten Websites
+ Eine juristische Person hat keinen Anspruch auf Ersatz des immateriellen Schadens, der durch eine ungerechtfertigte Beeinträchtigung ihres Ansehens entstanden ist
+ Chief Executive Officer als Mitglied des Verwaltungsrats
+ Der SAC erklärte andere Maßnahmen der Regierung für illegal

1. 2. 2022

Dezember 2021 Juristische Nachrichten

+ Änderung der Verordnung über Investmentfonds

+ Coronavirus

+ Strafrecht

+ Cookies nur mit Zustimmung

+ Verweigerung des Vorsteuerabzugs im Falle eines fiktiven Lieferers

1. 12. 2021

Overview Of Data Protection Issues 2021

Overview Of Data Protection Issues 2021

16. 11. 2021

November 2021 Legal News

+ The Data Controller must provide proof of legal title for the data processed by the Data Processor

+ Acquisition of movable assets from a business establishment and its subsequent purchase

+ A trademark registered in bad faith is invalid

+ TReview of the decision not to grant citizenship on the grounds of a threat to national security

+ The right of the convicted person to inspect the file

+ The employer shall be solely liable for damage caused by the employee in the performance of his/her duties

1. 11. 2021

October 2021 Legal News

+ VAT remission on gas or electricity supplies

+ Payment into an undisclosed bank account does not always constitute liability on the part of the recipient of the taxable supply

+ Share exchange in a capital increase from own funds breaks the time test

+ The SAC deviates from the GFD's opinion on the acquisition of property „turnkey“ in favour of the VAT payer

+ Break time as working time

+ On the assessment of the timeliness of a submission made by e-mail

September 2021 Legal News

+ Amendment to the Enforcement Code

+ End of VAT exemption for small consignments

+ Renting through Airbnb is a business activity

+ Unfair competition in the operation of public data storage

+ Criteria for deciding on the child's contact with his grandparents

1. 10. 2021

July & August 2021 Legal News

+ Amendment to the Enforcement Code

+ Amendment to the Act on the Residence of Foreigners

+ Interpretation of extrastatutory agreements

+ Permanent establishment for VAT purposes

+ The declaration of bankruptcy does not extinguish the right to deduct VAT

+ Decision rejecting a request for conditional release

1. 9. 2021

June 2021 Legal News

+ Kurzarbeit

+ New approach of MoLSA (MPSV) to the access of foreigners to the labor market in the Czech Republic

+ Amendment of AML decree

+ Tax context of the meal voucher

+ VAT refunds after Brexit

+ To the concept of “production, business and services not stated in attachments 1 to 3 of the Trade Licensing Act”

+ Unconstitutionality of sec. 82b par. 3 sentence three of the VAT Act

1. 6. 2021

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