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November 2020 Legal News

1. 11. 2020

+ Methodology of general impact assessment on personal data protection

+ Changes in the Quick fixes’ rules

+ Exercising the right to deduct for expenses from which a third party has benefits

+ New waste law

+ Billing of services

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October 2020 Legal News

1. 10. 2020

+ The effectiveness of the major amendment to the Business Corporations Act is approaching

+ The highest fine of the ÚOOÚ history

+ Entitlement to deduct VAT on a forced investment

+ 10 years as an evidently disproportionate length of proceedings

+ Amendment to the Act of Investment Incentives

+ Lex covid justice II.

+ Following measures

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September 2020 Legal News

1. 9. 2020

+ Real estate transfer tax´s revocation

+ International Cooperation on EU Tax Disputes Act

+ Prolongation of “Antivirus Program”

+ Impacts of EU-USA Privacy Shield´s annulment

+ Large distance between parents residences

+ Inappropriate length of factual criminal procedure and suffered harm

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August 2020 Legal News

1. 8. 2020

+ Compensation for governmental crisis restrictions

+ Rules for foreigners entering the territory of the Czech Republic

+ Different remuneration of employees in different regions

+ The beginning of the period for filing a complaint against the refusal of release from custody

+ The most common mistakes in the processing of biometrical data

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July 2020 Legal News

1. 7. 2020

+ Amendment of the tax code

+ Allowances for employees from agreements outside employment (DPP, DPČ)

+ Amendment of criminal statutes

+ The overview of the activities of the Office for Personal Data Protection

+ Inadmissibility of tax losses chaining

+ Return of the undisputed part of the excessive deduction

+ Association of Unit Owners can restrict short-term rents

+ Pledgee as a person involved in criminal proceedings

+ Objection of limitation in violation of good manners

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