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October 2022 Legal News

+ Compulsory establishment of data mailboxes + Illegal publication of councillors' property declarations + Amendment to the Act on the Registration of Beneficial Owners + Damage caused to an entrepreneur by a breach of a non-compete by his representative + Blocking mergers of undertakings not meeting the turnover conditions + Repair of a destroyed building or construction of a new one? + Proof of transfer of the promissory note to the series in enforcement proceedings + Legal succession of the defendant against whom the irreplaceable performance is recovered + Serving a summons for imprisonment

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September 2022 Legal News

+ Housing allowance increase + Overtime pay agreement + On the importance of establishing the date of the finding of occupational disease in the assessment + New table to calculate maintenance + Tax authorities may request CCTV footage of vehicle movements + Setting maximum energy prices and reducing the diesel tax rate + The danger that the item will be used to commit a crime cannot be inferred from the mere possibility of such use

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August 2022 Legal News

+ Household Saving Tariff Act + The Video Sharing Platforms Services Act + Amendment to the Act on registration of beneficial owners + Amendment to the Freedom of Access to Information Act + Taking into account the Russian invasion of Ukraine in international protection decisions + Amount of compensation for the costs necessary to restore the damaged item to its previous condition + Conditions of liability of the managing director for the company’s debts

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