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May 2022 Legal News

+ Partial abolition of the road tax and benefits for low-emission vehicles + Reduction of excise duty on diesel and petrol + Tax deductibility of donations to Ukraine + Interest on withheld excess deductions + Impact of the tax administrator's search activity on the time limit for tax assessment + Assessment of tax on transactions between unrelated parties + Amendments to the Criminal Code and the Victims of Crime Act + Distance conclusion of employment contracts + Statute of limitations for the return of premiums paid to an insurance company under an invalid contract

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April 2022 Legal News

+ Amendment to the Act on Excise Taxes and the VAT Act + Amendment Act in connection with the implementation of EU regulations on the Capital Markets Union + Statutory body of a joint stock company with a monistic system after a major amendment to the Business Corporations Act + Protection of seized electronic communications between attorneys and clients

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March 2022 Legal News

+ The Supreme Administrative Court on the right to deduct VAT + Obligation to declare tax on a lump sum paid in instalments + Armed conflict in Ukraine – the institution of temporary protection + Entitlement to healthcare + Employment and social security + Education + Amendment to the Criminal Code + The effects of the initiation of a criminal prosecution take effect from the moment the order initiating the prosecution is issued, irrespective of when the order is served on the accused + On procedural aspects of compensation for non-pecuniary damage in adhesion proceedings + On liability for damage caused by incomplete information + ECHR – return of seized goods after acquittal

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