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February 2023 Legal News

+ Unequal joint custody + Prohibition to change the decision to the worse in community property settlement proceedings + Incurrence of liability after the debt is due and demand for performance + New model form for withdrawing from a consumer contract + Class actions + Liability for damage caused by coronavirus measures + Amendment to the government regulation on energy price capping + Collection of biometric and genetic data of the accused + Proof of service from the parent company and the principle and legitimate expectation + Non-payment of VAT incorrectly stated on the tax invoice + Error on tax document in triangular trade

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January 2023 Legal News

+ Amendment to the Copyright Act + Prolongation of temporary protection + Change in the existing decision-making practice on excessive contractual penalties + Valorisation of entries relating to the common property + A new Accounting Act is being prepared + The Czech Republic will have to introduce a minimum level of taxation for some companies

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December 2022 Legal News

+ Easier establishment of companies + Publicity of beneficial ownership records is likely to be limited + Abolition of electronic sales registration + Amendment to the Act on Significant Market Power + Transfer of a business plant involving a claim entered into the estate in insolvency proceedings + Levy on excess electricity revenues + Claiming a deduction can also be done as part of a fraudulent chain + The taxpayer may submit evidence under the classified information regime + Compulsory paternity leave + Conditions for the recognition of divorces out of court + A third-country national cannot be expelled regardless of his or her state of health

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