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July & August 2021 Legal News

1. 9. 2021

+ Amendment to the Enforcement Code

+ Amendment to the Act on the Residence of Foreigners

+ Interpretation of extrastatutory agreements

+ Permanent establishment for VAT purposes

+ The declaration of bankruptcy does not extinguish the right to deduct VAT

+ Decision rejecting a request for conditional release


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June 2021 Legal News

1. 6. 2021

+ Kurzarbeit

+ New approach of MoLSA (MPSV) to the access of foreigners to the labor market in the Czech Republic

+ Amendment of AML decree

+ Tax context of the meal voucher

+ VAT refunds after Brexit

+ To the concept of “production, business and services not stated in attachments 1 to 3 of the Trade Licensing Act”

+ Unconstitutionality of sec. 82b par. 3 sentence three of the VAT Act

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May 2021 Legal News

1. 5. 2021

+ The end of child debtors

+ Decision-making practice of the NSS in relation to emergency measures

+ More strict language requirements for permanent residence permit

+ Purchases from abroad will be subject to VAT

+ Right of a witness to silence in criminal proceeding

+ Unlawful exclusion from the register of job seekers

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April 2021 Legal News

1. 4. 2021

+ Reduction of the VAT base by an indirect bonus

+ The transactions between a member of the VAT group and his foreign branch is subject to VAT

+ Review of interest in a contract concluded between entrepreneurs

+ The wishes of the child

+ Proceedings on the satisfaction of a crime victim

+ Initiation of the administrative procedure and its judicial review

+ Illegality of pandemic measures of the Ministry of Health


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March 2021 Legal News

1. 3. 2021

+ Pandemic Act

+ Compensation Bonus Act for the year 2021

+ Quarantine allowance

+ General Financial Directorate commented on ATAD directive

+ ÚOOÚ on mandatory employee testing

+ Pre-emption right of co-owners of land for (part of) construction

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February 2021 Legal News

1. 2. 2021

+ Extension of compensation bonus on entrepreneurs in insolvency

+ High fine for spam

+ CJEU ruled for individual assessment of data retention periods

+ Adequate damages for unjustified proceedings in administrative tort proceedings

+ Dismission of proposal on permission of reorganization for unfair intent

+ Proof of overhead costs of holding a stake in a subsidiary

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January 2021 Legal News

1. 1. 2021

+ Maintenance Payment Act

+ Collection of legal regulations of territorial self-governing units

+ Act on the examination of foreign investments

+ Amendment of the Act on the registration of beneficial owners

+ Protected account of the debtor

+Amendment of the Tax Code

+ Avoidance of double taxation between the Czech Republic and Germany

+ The factual situation is not decisive when issuing a hedging order

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December 2020 Legal News

1. 12. 2020

+ Applicable Law after Brexit

+ Tax package for the year 2021

+ Import from the third state without the right to deduct VAT

+ The bias of the arbitrator by reason of the annulment of the arbitral award

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