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August 2022 Legal News

+ Household Saving Tariff Act
+ The Video Sharing Platforms Services Act
+ Amendment to the Act on registration of beneficial owners
+ Amendment to the Freedom of Access to Information Act
+ Taking into account the Russian invasion of Ukraine in international protection decisions
+ Amount of compensation for the costs necessary to restore the damaged item to its previous condition
+ Conditions of liability of the managing director for the company’s debts

1. 9. 2022

July 2022 Legal News

+ Reintegration of non-mediated foster parents into the pension system
+ Further changes to social benefits
+ Remission of default interest
+ Delivery by means of a legal fiction to a data box
+ Cookies-sheets have a number of deficiencies
+ Amendment of the “Lex Ukraine”
+ The right to be acquainted with the documents for the settlement of advances
+ Payment of the settlement share of the dissolved community property of spouses
+ The primacy of the true intention of the parties to the contract over formal interpretation
+ The assessment to the intensity of breaches of labour obligations

1. 8. 2022

June 2022 Legal News

+ Significant changes in telemarketing
+ “Summer of Grace” 2.0
+ Unification of the interpretation of the term “non-forfeitable amount”
+ Revocation of a convened general meeting of a limited liability company
+ Amendments to the tax and air protections acts
+ Issuance of crown bonds as an abuse of law
+ Proving the provision of intermediary services abroad
+ VAT regime when organising a promotional event
+ Conditions for issuing an arrest warrant

1. 7. 2022

May 2022 Legal News

+ Partial abolition of the road tax and benefits for low-emission vehicles
+ Reduction of excise duty on diesel and petrol
+ Tax deductibility of donations to Ukraine
+ Interest on withheld excess deductions
+ Impact of the tax administrator’s search activity on the time limit for tax assessment
+ Assessment of tax on transactions between unrelated parties
+ Amendments to the Criminal Code and the Victims of Crime Act
+ Distance conclusion of employment contracts
+ Statute of limitations for the return of premiums paid to an insurance company under an invalid contract

1. 6. 2022

April 2022 Legal News

+ Amendment to the Act on Excise Taxes and the VAT Act
+ Amendment Act in connection with the implementation of EU regulations on the Capital Markets Union
+ Statutory body of a joint stock company with a monistic system after a major amendment to the Business Corporations Act
+ Protection of seized electronic communications between attorneys and clients

28. 4. 2022

March 2022 Legal News

+ The Supreme Administrative Court on the right to deduct VAT
+ Obligation to declare tax on a lump sum paid in instalments
+ Armed conflict in Ukraine – the institution of temporary protection
+ Entitlement to healthcare
+ Employment and social security
+ Education
+ Amendment to the Criminal Code
+ The effects of the initiation of a criminal prosecution take effect from the moment the order initiating the prosecution is issued, irrespective of when the order is served on the accused
+ On procedural aspects of compensation for non-pecuniary damage in adhesion proceedings
+ On liability for damage caused by incomplete information
+ ECHR – return of seized goods after acquittal

1. 4. 2022

February 2022 Legal News

+ Ukraine
+ Amendment of the pandemic law
+ Entitlement to VAT deduction in case of failure to prove the supply of a taxable supply declared by the supplier
+ Proving internet advertising expenses as tax deductible expenses
+ Compensation for damage caused by an incorrect official procedure

1. 3. 2022

January 2022 Legal News

+ An unreasonably high price is not a reason for refusing a VAT deduction
+ Responsibility of the webmaster for the adoption of measures to protect personal data on the websites they manage
+ A legal person has no right to compensation for non-pecuniary damage caused by unjustified interference with its reputation
+ Chief Executive Officer as a member of the Board of Directors
+ The SAC pronounced other government measures illegal

1. 2. 2022

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