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April 2023 Legal News

+ Prohibition of short-term rentals in the statutes of the association of unit owners
+ The Constitutional Court has confirmed the obligation of courts to consider the possibility of entrusting a child to asymmetrical alternate care
+ Strengthening the role of the Financial arbitrator in litigation
+ Compensation of sales representatives
+ Compliance with the information obligation pursuant to Sec. 55 ZOK
+ Whistleblower Protection Act
+ Changes in teleworking between the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria
+ Use of GPS mileage data on a company vehicle as a reason for termination of employment
+ VAT in the case of energy supplies at regulated prices
+ Obligations of accommodation service providers according to the General Financial Directorate

1. 5. 2023

March 2023 Legal News

+ Lessee’s pre-emptive right to the housing unit
+ The manner of acting of a legal person established under foreign law
+ Increased protection of employees in quarantine
+ Reimbursement of costs related to the victim’s participation in criminal proceedings
+ Child care as a ground for replacing detention
+ Changes in support for Ukrainian refugees

1. 4. 2023

February 2023 Legal News

+ Unequal joint custody
+ Prohibition to change the decision to the worse in community property settlement proceedings
+ Incurrence of liability after the debt is due and demand for performance
+ New model form for withdrawing from a consumer contract
+ Class actions
+ Liability for damage caused by coronavirus measures
+ Amendment to the government regulation on energy price capping
+ Collection of biometric and genetic data of the accused
+ Proof of service from the parent company and the principle and legitimate expectation
+ Non-payment of VAT incorrectly stated on the tax invoice
+ Error on tax document in triangular trade

1. 3. 2023

January 2023 Legal News

+ Amendment to the Copyright Act
+ Prolongation of temporary protection
+ Change in the existing decision-making practice on excessive contractual penalties
+ Valorisation of entries relating to the common property
+ A new Accounting Act is being prepared
+ The Czech Republic will have to introduce a minimum level of taxation for some companies

1. 2. 2023

December 2022 Legal News

+ Easier establishment of companies
+ Publicity of beneficial ownership records is likely to be limited
+ Abolition of electronic sales registration
+ Amendment to the Act on Significant Market Power
+ Transfer of a business plant involving a claim entered into the estate in insolvency proceedings
+ Levy on excess electricity revenues
+ Claiming a deduction can also be done as part of a fraudulent chain
+ The taxpayer may submit evidence under the classified information regime
+ Compulsory paternity leave
+ Conditions for the recognition of divorces out of court
+ A third-country national cannot be expelled regardless of his or her state of health

1. 1. 2023

November 2022 Legal News

+ Windfall tax
+ Increase in the limit for compulsory VAT registration, changes in the flat-rate tax
+ Penalty for filing and audit report for an incorrect tax year
+ Energy cost compensation for large companies
+ Magnitsky Act
+ Increase of allowances for hosts of Ukrainian refugees
+ Amendment of the Government Regulation on labour migration
+ The effect of a change of child's habitual residence abroad on the jurisdiction of the court
+ Blanket and indiscriminate retention of data for the purpose of prosecuting criminal activities
+ Leak of personal data from the police database
+ A trial without the rape victim being questioned in the main trial is fair
+ The right to compensation also arises in the event of delays to connecting flights
+ Evidence in delayed flight compensation proceedings

1. 12. 2022

October 2022 Legal News

+ Compulsory establishment of data mailboxes
+ Illegal publication of councillors‘ property declarations
+ Amendment to the Act on the Registration of Beneficial Owners
+ Damage caused to an entrepreneur by a breach of a non-compete by his representative
+ Blocking mergers of undertakings not meeting the turnover conditions
+ Repair of a destroyed building or construction of a new one?
+ Proof of transfer of the promissory note to the series in enforcement proceedings
+ Legal succession of the defendant against whom the irreplaceable performance is recovered
+ Serving a summons for imprisonment

1. 11. 2022

September 2022 Legal News

+ Housing allowance increase
+ Overtime pay agreement
+ On the importance of establishing the date of the finding of occupational disease in the assessment
+ New table to calculate maintenance
+ Tax authorities may request CCTV footage of vehicle movements
+ Setting maximum energy prices and reducing the diesel tax rate
+ The danger that the item will be used to commit a crime cannot be inferred from the mere possibility of such use

1. 10. 2022

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